Music Monday: Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi

A Music Monday first, this post has a spoiler warning for events in Season 6 on Game of Thrones. How can one post this music and not talk about the events it underscored?

I sat down to watch the season finale and heard the score as people got dressed and went to the Sept of Balor for the trials. Cersei Lannister and Loras Tyrell will answer for their crimes as if walking naked with a woman saying ‘shame’ with a bell keeping time did not drive the point home for one. Watching the montage of people getting dressed for the day, viewers got a sense of people putting on their armour. I already noticed Margery more demure dress, covering up that famous cleavage from earlier seasons. The High Sparrow played to perfection by Jonathan Price, put on his dress robe for the occasion. Loras found his famous locks cut away. I admit ignoring the ominous undertones in the score.

Cersei’s dress grabbed my attention. I noticed the metal on her shoulders, the chain across the front. A black dress is usually a black dress until you see a character with a dark heart wearing it. It’s the colour of a soul devoid of feeling, seeking to destroy her enemies, and not caring who else gets caught up in her revenge.

So the Tyrell siblings, along with their father, perished in the wildfire explosion. Kevan Lannister, whose son Loras joined the faith militant, joined his son. The High Sparrow busied himself with the sins of others; he forgot the one sin he carried in abundance-pride.

What broke my heart in two, and yes I know it’s fiction, was Tommen looking out the window at the smoking ruins. He always looked lost wearing that crown compared the Joffrey. Taking off the crown and jumping out of the window summed up the collision course this season has set up for season 7. He’s the last victim of his mother’s machinations and the last hold on her humanity. When the Sept blew so did the entire game. The great game has arrived, and it’s indeed terrifying.

Until next season.

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