Long Weekend Supplemental

For a long time, people called the first Monday in August the Civic Holiday long weekend. Calling it the next-to-last long weekend would not fly with the public, so the holiday now bears the name Terry Fox Day. This same day also takes the name Heritage Day (Alberta) and Simcoe Day in Toronto. If you want a laugh or have something to do in case a thunderstorm drops from the sky, do a Turn marathon on AMC on demand then remember this tweet:

In conclusion, history is weird though not as strange as the presidential campaign waged at this very moment.

Today the heavens opened up the clouds to unleash the boom and slapping rain of a thunderstorm. It’s not as bad as the one nearly two weeks ago. Remember Into the Storm, the film with Richard Armitage as the hot Vice Principal as I could not care less about the young cast members? The weather looked like that with the clouds like green like it wanted to barf lightning and tornadoes. Today’s storm seemed mild by comparison, and I decided to open my windows and give my air conditioning a break.

I smelled fresh, cool, moist air renewing the grass and trees, in a way renewing me. It’s still quiet at the library and this week will prove no different. I don’t garden, but it’s weeding time at the library to make room for current books, especially some of the new journalism books brought into the library. Time to shore up the radio section and find some new voice over books. I guess between Into the Storm, Berlin Station, and one British baritone, my mind came up with don’t forget to find new radio voice over books.  I have given up trying to understand how this brain makes those connections so I will go with them. I always did say being a geek has transferable skills.

For the time being, I will pour myself another Sumol (tasty Portuguese soft drink) and either finish watching Into The Storm or keep reading Chuck Wendig’s latest book in the Star Wars Aftermath trilogy. Happy Monday y’all.



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