Music Monday: Consequence Free by Great Big Sea

Today I decided to feature a Great Big Sea song. The occupational downside of this task means I listen to some of my favourite tracks and whole albums. (It’s not a disadvantage per say just in the interest of keeping me on track.) Many people in Winnipeg have seen them live more than once and one time the band performed on Portage and Main during one of the few times this intersection gets shut down to traffic. I like listening to the studio albums, but I still remember listening to the band live in 2008.

Instead of a sea of no care, it’s a sea of assignments during my Library Tech training. I hustled to get just slightly ahead of the onslaught and enjoy the concert with my friends. I danced, I sang, and for a moment the band helped me to realize it will be alright. At the time I was a bundle of nerves, and it felt everything rested of completing that program. It may not make sense to other people, but it sure did to me at the time.

Do I wish it was different? Of course, but it unfolded the way it did. It’s why I liked the song ‘Consequence Free.’ Underneath the bouncy tune is the wish just to live life not weighted down by shoulds. I quoted my favourite lyric because I have one of those Catholic consciences. The past few years I unlearned it to inhabit my humanity, even the wild, messy parts of it. The process, like everything, will take my whole lifetime, but it’s a start.

For today, this next-to-last-long weekend for Canadians, have a Newfoundland-style kitchen party at your home or cottage. Make rook for a little anarchy, but not the hurting kind.


I could really use
To lose my Catholic conscience
Cause I’m getting sick
Of feeling guilty all the time
I won’t abuse it
Yeah, I’ve got the best intentions
For a little bit of anarchy
But not the hurting kind


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