Frivolous Musings Between The Seriousness of This World

Like many people online, Brexit made me go ‘WTF!’ (The ‘F’ does not stand for ‘fudgesticks’.)  What floored me even more, despite witnessing many dumbass things during the Canadian federal election, were people saying, “I didn’t know my leave vote will count” or some variation on that theme their vote means they will not leave the European Union.

Oh, Lord, REALLY?!

Add to the surprise, a tweet with an emoji I rarely use in my texts and tweets:

If a Leave vote gave bigoted yahoos the right to tell people to go back to their country, despite being British born and bred, then hear from two of the xenophobic people on the planet, I would use more than one poop emoji. Just saying, if Richard Armitage uses three poop emojis I would not hold it against him. I highly recommend a whole line of them for Donald Trump, followed by a GIF of someone screaming.

After the poop emoji show called the Republican National Convention, it’s time to turn my attention to some fiction not set in 18th Century Scotland. After waiting patiently, I want to know what channel will buy Berlin Station. Here’s a short synopsis: Berlin station finds a Daniel Miller (Armitage) sent to Berlin to find the truth identity of a mole named Thomas Shaw. His leaked Intel created one big thorn in the side of the CIA and Miller looks at everyone as a suspect from the deputy chiefs to the head of the station.

For spy/thriller fans, a high-octane espionage whodunit. For this fangirl, a weekly dose of vitamin A or a large dosage if streamed. The show will broadcast on EPIX, a channel with an origin story like HBO with a start in movies and now scripted series. I saw the clips, the trailer, and it looks good. Rounding out the cast is Rhys Ifans (Mr. Lovegood to the Potterheads, but to me the guy who nearly stole Notting Hill), Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) and Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Battlestar Galactica). Now that we have some background, I want to speculate about where this show will end up in Canada.

Canada buys its international content, and it’s all about who can put out the bucks, then torture us with commercials to pay for that purchase. (Outlander on Showcase in a nutshell.) It also means the international owner can put the show on another night (Outlander again. Showcase showed the Starz staple on Sundays as opposed to Saturday.) In some cases wait a few weeks before broadcasting its run. (Big, fat, mistake. Hands up those pirating Sherlock before its PBS showing? *Slinks away.*)

I have a feeling the show will end up on a premium service like Superchannel or Movie Central. Most of the premium cable offerings end up over there, and their price tag overwhelms like fangirl tendencies. I make a comfortable living, but do it with scrutiny. A part of me wanted to hop a plane to New York, for the weekend and see Armitage’s upcoming play Love, Love, Love. I know I can do it, but time and money both say, honey, remember it’s not love you’re feeling, it’s infatuation. I console myself knowing my adulting skills have remained intact.

All this may not amount to anything if every dystopian fantasy comes true this November. Don’t be surprised if Canadians display their poop emojis while recommending places live in Canada. For the record, Winnipeg has a pretty good arts scene and standard of living. Unfortunately, our telly needs a little less monopoly and more a la cart choice.




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