Music Monday: Battlin’ Jack Murdock by John Paesano

The running joke amongst my friends involved the number of times I saw The Avengers. For the record, I saw the film nine times, usually with people going to see it the first time. I went through my fourth viewing of Daredevil, both seasons, never skipping to favourite episodes. I loved the show unfolding in its first season as Matt Murdock settles into Daredevil by episode 13 while the second season sees Wilson Fisk settle into his moniker as The Kingpin.

It helps if a show featuring ninjas has a top-notch cast. Vincent D’Onofio has wowed people in such movies like Men In Black to the small screen in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In Men In Black, he contorts his 6’3 body as a bug alien in a human suit while he voice noticeably deepens as Wilson Fisk in Daredevil.

Speaking of growly voice, Charlie Cox managed to erase all trace of the early aught’s Daredevil film. Of course, he has the advantage of multiple episodes to show a man reconciling his Catholic faith with the realities of his vigilante behaviour. The second season shows a hero wrestling with the sin of pride. He loses his relationships as he shoulders the burden of fighting evil, this time realizing it doesn’t always turn out his way. I think The Defenders will show Matt it’s time to share the crime-fighting duties and find a way to have a life. It tore my heart out to see him fight with Foggy Nelson and finally admit his true identity to Karen Page.

Oh, and for the record, I think Charlie Cox is adorable. Someone called him a ‘human teddy bear’ on Tumblr. I agree. Yup, I have a type, and he’s British. When news of his casting hit the net, people scratched their heads wondering 1) Why? And 2) Why another Brit? I give his performance as Owen Sleater in Boardwalk Empire as evidence for the defence. The story goes someone developing Daredevil watched his performance and thought they found their Matt Murdock. Look at the series and see those glimmers.

As we wait for the latest offer in Marvel’s Netflix universe, Luke Cage, here’s my favourite track from Daredevil’s first season:

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