Reading Binges and Busts

December proved the perfect month to binge on reading, perhaps preventing binges on other waist-impacting situations. The most consistent reading setting, more from circumstance than choice, remains the bus while commuting to and from work. After the Christmas hub-bub dies down, winter sharpens its teeth. Sometimes I want to sit in my seat, my winter layers turning into a cocoon, eyes closed to grab a few minutes of peace before getting off for the final leg of the commute. Mostly, I pull out my book to get away from the standing-room-only ride.

After a slight lag, I kicked 2017 with the Book-prize winning novel The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Most of the time, I approach prize-winning books with caution, but the opening scene with the character smoking a joint at the supreme court convinced me to strap myself in and read the book. The novel also served as part of my other reading goal to shave down my TBR pile from the library. I have a small pile out and no desire to keep renewing as a way to keep procrastinating. Call it the read-it-or-return-it protocol. After all, I can always make a note and take the title out at a later date.

After all, it’s true what they say, if you want to write you need to read.



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