Finding My Funny

The email from the Prairie Theatre Exchange acting school reminded me about spots left in some their winter term classes. I already took a 20 week, yup 20, acting foundations class. I learned my mind was Teflon at the time while memorising a monologue for the class but helped me get out of some areas of my brain and into other ones. After taking that class, web design, and medical terminology, I wanted to take a step back for the time being. I nearly succeeded in that goal succeeded, until I saw open spaces for Finding Funny.

My mission and I choose to accept it, will have me pinpointing my own comedy style and performing a 3-5 minute set, again if I choose to, for the end of session cabaret. Am I thinking of transitioning out of libraries into stand up? Not sure. I wanted to channel a host of things observed into humour and, hopefully, make my blog funnier.

I find myself half-way through the class and more appreciative of what goes into a set whether it’s 3, 5, or 45 minutes. Everything starts with the writing, taking the time to take things down, then pruning until the joke emerges. The class, and my instructor, also help me in the never ending quest to get out of my head. The more tricks I learn, the more creating happens.

Lately, I had this restlessness refusing to settle down. I don’t think it’s anything new, just there humming away in the background. Now it hums louder, like a pregnancy going on for too long. The gauntlet has thrown down, and now it’s write, write, write and prepare to take a risk on stage. Perhaps it’s the lesson learned, the one I needed, this thing called ‘normal’ never suited me. Maybe by finding my funny, I can make sense of it.



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