Music Monday: Lovely Day By Bill Withers

Welcome to spring.

After the freezing rain and the ice-rink-level sidewalks on Friday, I walked out to the bus stop today, remembering the flock of Canada Geese yesterday. One sure sign of spring. The morning breeze brought another, a smell in the air like the universe, or something, wants to resuscitate people from their stupor. To add a cherry on this Monday sundae-wearing shoes rather than boots. Most of the snow has gone, leaving the odd patch of ‘snirt’ in its place. (Thank you, Sam, for that term meaning a combination of snow and dirt from sand used to prevent slipping.)

People begin to wonder about their bodies after their winter hibernation. Months of eating and staying indoors, make people wonder about their beach bodies. Winnipeggers have a universal way to shed pounds, one applicable to all body types. It’s called shedding the thick winter coats, boots, and scarves. Voila! Extra weight dropped.

Put on your sunglasses, pull out your spring clothes, a lovely day is just ahead.

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