Music Monday: Bad Things by Jace Everett

It happened.

I watch Crave more than Netflix.

Crave TV launched in 2016 to compete against Netflix. While their user face could use work, it doesn’t have the countdown to the next episode of a series like its opponent, it does have something Netflix, at least in Canada does not have in their library.

They have the HBO back catalogue.

No Game of Thrones or Westworld but they have The Wire, Deadwood, and True Blood among others. What I once watched through MTS on Demand, I now watch with my subscription. The launch of HBO Rewatch 2017 begins with True Blood. The show launched in 2008 with many people scratching their heads why after years of realistic drama, the network went with something as fantastical as True Blood. The story of a telepathic waitress, her vampire lover(s), and all the residents of Bon Temps, Louisana came to the screen courtesy of another unlikely figure-Oscar-Winner Alan Ball.

The guy responsible for American Beauty (Best Oscar for Orignal Screenplay) and another HBO classic, Six Feet Under, adapted the Sookie Stackhouse novel Dead Until Dark as the first season of True Blood. At the time, I didn’t have HBO and found the first season at my local video store. (#RIPRogerVideo) I knew one thing, Anna Paquin was in it. Paquin may have grown up in New Zealand but she was born in Winnipeg, and that makes her ours. Paquin played Sookie Stackhouse while newcomer (at the time) Stephen Moyer played Bill Compton. Long before Andrew Lincoln uttered ‘Coral,’ Moyer set the stage for Brits-with-southern-accents uttering the name ‘Sookie.’ The show also served as an introduction to Alexander Skarsgard, one tall drink of water capable of humour, snark, and vulnerability as Eric Northman.

Besides the criss-cross of supernatural shenanigans and human emotion, the show featured some memorable music, especially its theme by Jace Everett ‘Bad Things.’ If memory serves me correctly when they first put together the opening, Ball used the song as a placeholder. It’s a case of the first thing you try turns into the one that stays, in this instance, a theme song.

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