The Cord Cutter’s Update: Reattaching The Cord

While taking a break from bopping to ‘Cut to the Feeling,’ I decided to take a listen to the Castlevania teaser trailer from Netflix. I already knew about it from Slate, and anything animated gets a good look. I like a well-made motion picture, but I admit to indulging my inner teen/tween/kid with a given project. My mental checklist had the following:

  • Vampires (Check)
  • Netflix (Check)
  • Artful looking animation (check)

I didn’t see the teaser, tucking the information in my proverbial back pocket for later use. Meanwhile, someone’s ears, or in this case a group of someones, not only listened to it but uncovered a new Richard Armitage project. Of course, nobody knew Sneaky McSneak has this project up his sleeve. (Usually the short sleeves of a bazillion white t-shirts he must own. Then again, I have a closet full of capris so I can’t sartorially judge.)  Remember, the dude is British. Americans would PR the hell out of their projects while the bloke will publicize in his own understated way. Plus it’s radio silence as he films season 2 of Berlin Station meaning he has work to do, and so do I.

I played the teaser. Then I played it again. It’s him! No doubt about it. It’s definitely him.  It’s the deep, rich, tenor of a character resolving vengeance and that hits me in the warm and fuzzies. The release date for binging viewing is July 7th. Right at the beginning of vacay. Perfect!

Meanwhile, I reattached the cord, bringing an end to nearly 10 months without cable. I have a good set of delay of gratification skills, however, pay for play telly tests my patience. Let’s start with I own a Google Chromecast, not an Apple TV. It seems some shows play exclusively on iTunes and I have a preference for not watching shows on my laptop. I also noticed new episodes do not appear the next day automatically. They either take up to three days and, in some cases, a week.

The biggest reason for reattaching the cord-the cost. MTS offers a better premium cable package, $36.99 for both Movie Central and Superchannel, rather than 20.99 for the former and 16.99 for the latter. Once again, they offered me a half off deal until the end of July, but it’s win-win for me. First prize, seeing Berlin Station on my TV rather than on my laptop thanks to iTunes. (The show is not available for purchase on Google Play.)  Superchannel will do a four-episode catch-up on Saturday to get new viewers up to speed. If anyone wants a laugh, and if I am not doing anything else on Mondays (I do have a life) episodes get live-tweeted on @stacksandranges.

Leading me to the other reason I reattached the cord. Live tweeting television feels like watching TV, in a large living room, except that living room is the world. I love reading pithy tweets from fans and fans seem to like the pithy tweets I write. In addition to Game of Thrones, the piece de la resistance of live tweeting is The Walking Dead. Yes, that’s my life from time to time, the undead and Richard Armitage, with a comedy open mic thrown in to break things up.

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