Music Monday: Never Give Up by Sia

Greetings from the last week of my holidays.

The restful moments did happen, like a Starbucks run without worrying about losing track of time and dashing to work. Mostly, I stayed up later, slept in slightly later, binged Castlevania like my fellow fangirls, and bought a car like a responsible adult. Overall, a good staycation. 

While cleaning my home, a process akin to excavating Pompeii, I lost myself in my headphones. Once again I listened to a track on repeat. Also once again it’s a Sia track, this time from the film  Lion. The film tells the true story of Saroo Brierly after a train took him far from home at aged 5, then after his adoption by an Australian family, began a process to find his mother back in India. (That summary comes close to a nutshell as I can get it.)

The song has an official lyric video I don’t like and this one looks like best from the homemade ones online. The official one features a person with her trademark wig bit with a black, blank face. Despite missing the mark video-wise, the track combines Sia’s soaring vocals with the beats associated with India. Saroo Brierly knew his few memories of home would get him back, perhaps we can get back to the place we call home too.



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