Music Monday: Skyboat Song by Bear McCreary (Outlander Opening Titles Season 3)

The following might look spoiler-y. Proceed with caution.

I am a sucker for romance.

I write that sentence unabashedly. I like rom-coms, romance novels, steamy tomes with a plot that helps me catch my breath until I get breathless again. How can you tell Outlander has returned to television?

Season 3 follows the plot of Voyager, the third book in the series, its pages like the first two episodes, following Jamie and Claire living separate lives, in different eras, after the events of Culloden. Heck, even Bear McCreary re-worked the theme to reflect the more somber tone. Our favourite couple is apart, convinced the other died in their own timeline, and the ache of desire now replaced with the pain of never-ending longing. Yes, that sentence is sappy. Did I not mention being a sucker for romance means getting sappy?

While fans look forward to a reunion (two words, print shop), the scene I hope to see has no sex and a rocking boat. Clarie and Jamie head to sea, I will leave you to find out why, and can’t make the boat metaphorically rock for a little while. (Again, you will see why.) It’s funny and sexy and, hopefully, written into the show.

In the meantime, let’s sing a song of a lass that is gone…

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