Music Monday: Come On Get Happy by The Partridge Family

“So much wasted time.”

I read the Twitter moment quoting David Cassidy’s final words, shared by his daughter Katie (aka Black Canary on Arrow.) Cassidy’s passing had many women reflect on their teen years with his picture on their walls, spinning his records as the soundtrack to their fantasies. I watched the reruns like everyone else, usually in the afternoon, after school. All those reflections made me check in Simon Lebon, doing just fine happily married to the same woman (the adult in me says ‘good for him’) with three grown kids (the adult in me also says ‘Oh my God, when did I get old!’)

So much wasted time…

After Woke Comedy Hour, a night already electric with three newcomers taking the stage and a crowd laughing their collective asses off on Friday night, X-Cues also hosted karaoke. A few of us stayed and to watch or braved the stage once more. I don’t sing songs more like warble them, especially during Power of Good-bye and Alone. For some reason, I had one more left in me, and The Partridge Family theme was the one. It such a peppy theme song almost like people needed some pep after Vietnam and the Manson Family murders, Martin Luther King Junior’s assassination, and many more events blowing the optimism of the 60’s to kingdom come.

So much wasted time…

Never have four words reminded me not to waste mine. Who knows what Cassidy meant by those words, I do know it’s time to not waste time, come on get happy, and remember this is the only life I have to live it as best I can.

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