Taking a Blog Break Until The New Year

I made a you-got-to-be-kidding-me discovery. I repeated myself with my New York post, right down to the two songs selected. I merely wrote the post and didn’t check as I usually do. Anytime I think of a song, I go back and check if I featured the song before. Often, I catch it, and lately, I have felt mentally fatigued. My brain felt like it’s underwater and every word I write on a screen takes ten times more work. If I write in my journal, it’s five times more work. Every word, every comma, every piece of sentence structure feels like work than play.

I will take a break until 2018. The scribbling in my journal will still continue as the only way to step out of my life for a fresh look, along with jotting down a premise or line for my open mic sets. Lots of writers, comedians, and other artists have stepped out to do other things to fill their wells. The words Dunning-Kruger do not describe me, now Imposter Syndrome fits me to a tee.

You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram, both icons are on my sidebar. Better to start fresh and remember why I blog. In the meantime Happy Holidays to the readers of Stacks and Ranges. Here’s hoping a better year for everyone.


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