Music Monday: The Two Faces of January 1st

Spotify began as a free account for me, something I played on my computer before taking the plunge into a subscription. With limited space in my home, the site has allowed me to create playlists and to play some tracks repeatedly in the comfort of my headphones. If you want to get to know a person, have a look at their playlists.

Below are the top 5 of 98 songs from my Top Songs of 2017. Some have featured in past Music Mondays, while others got filed away in my for later list.

Here are two songs from this top 5 to spread around in case you need a kick-start for 2018:


You Got The Love-The Source Featuring Candi Stanton

If I have a ‘jam,’ it’s an anthem-type song for times writing my own words gets harder if my ink gets filled with sand more than ideas and passions. At the moment, people write or share their resolutions while I have a few goals in mind for 2018. I like goals, they have a quantifiable quality in the steps I need to take.

However, I do have one resolution, and it came to me in an email correspondence. In a nutshell, I cannot be of service to anyone if I don’t serve myself. People say it’s self-serving, the height of self-absorption. Interesting, those saying those words usually want to smooth their roads by using people like me as the bricks. They confuse my niceness, the ability to consider others, a sign of weakness. Trust me, I can be a jerk sometimes, yet I do know the difference between being an a-hole and occasionally falling down as a human being. If I fall down as a human being, I can get up and resolve to do better. I pride myself on serving the students at the college, and they need the best version of me.  If the above two tracks are me looking backing, hanging on to the light, the song starting 2018 off helps me to take a deep breath and say ‘this is me.’

This Is Me-Keala Settle

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