An Outlandish Sunday

After attending an anniversary dinner and dance, I woke up at 9 and immediately made coffee. Most of my morning involved drinking said coffee, and continuing to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. My friend C dropped off her copies of the books, and it allowed me to re-read the first one. I read the novel … Continue reading An Outlandish Sunday

Inspired Thinking: Ken Roberts, Facing the Future

We now realize that knowledge and creativity add economic value. We understand that future jobs will place less value on a strong back and more value on a strong mind. Libraries give us the chance to maintain a literate, creative society. -Ken Roberts, FACING THE FUTURE  A Vision Document for British Columbia’s Public Libraries Last weekend, … Continue reading Inspired Thinking: Ken Roberts, Facing the Future

In The Woods has launched!

Here’s Susan Rocan’s summary of Off The Wall’s book launch of In the Woods. This is what taking one’s time looks like.  😉 Susan also published two young adult novels set in Canada’s past.  Check them out on her website with a chapter sample from Withershins.


Yesterday, my writers group and I launched our third anthology. The first was called Sex Death and Grain Elevators, because any story told about the Canadian prairies supposedly needed all three ingredients. The second was called, Where In The World Is Carmen Manitoba? which contained stories about aliens and UFOs because in the ’70s the town of Carmen was the home of Charlie Red Star, a strange red light that traveled the highway into town, attracting UFO hunters from all over the continent.

Off The Wall presents In The Woods is the title of our latest collection of fiction, poetry, actual sighting reports and photos of the elusive Sasquatch. The book was self-published using the Espresso Machine at McNally Robinson Booksellers. The Espresso Machine is a wonderful new invention that creates a book for you in about five minutes, right before your eyes! The machine, located right inside the…

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The Big, Hairy Project

The writer's group I mentioned self-published chapbooks of their work on occasion.  The collection usually centres around a theme, and in January we decided on a fun, challenging one: Sasquatch. Yes, Big Foot.  Why this creature of legend and fuzzy photography?  (Although I can assure you we have clear proof of his existence..or her?)  Well, the … Continue reading The Big, Hairy Project

We Interupt This Midweek Geekiness to Bring You…a Book Launch Recap

I had a piece on Tumblr half ready for posting, but yesterday proved too good to pass up.  Chadwick Ginther had his book launch for Tombstone Blues, the sequel to the Aurora Award-nominated novel Thunder Road.  McNally Robinson once again hosted the event, and once again it was well attended.  While friends and family sat … Continue reading We Interupt This Midweek Geekiness to Bring You…a Book Launch Recap

The Many Lives, and Rumoured Deaths, of the Library

Another day, another libraries-are-dead article making the rounds.  This one comes from Techcrunch, a publication I normally enjoy reading for its thoughtful analysis of technology issues, or the latest gadgets.  This time a writer named MG Siegler wrote the following:A simple link. That’s all it took to unleash a hailstorm of angry emails, messages, tweets, … Continue reading The Many Lives, and Rumoured Deaths, of the Library

Slowly, But Surely, I Can Sit a Little Longer

How am I doing? You would think having a medically mandated week off would be a good thing.  Nope, I felt really bored.  At first I thought Dr. L at Pan Am had a screw loose. The pain didn't go away.  It actually got worse before it died down. Turns out the good doctor knew … Continue reading Slowly, But Surely, I Can Sit a Little Longer

Rumours, Innuendos, and Comic Book Sites

Whenever I berate myself about not publishing very much, I remind myself anything I do publish usually has truth behind it.  If I write about a movie, an actor, or anything else it's fact checked.  If I make a mistake I own it, correct it, and move on. As a self-confessed geek, I have to … Continue reading Rumours, Innuendos, and Comic Book Sites

All Lit (Fest) Up

Other than writing about National Poetry Month and mourning a fictional character's death (R.I.P. Andrea), I did one major thing causing an anticipatory tingle.  No Richard Armitage or Nathan Fillion did not show up at my door.  (Although that would be so nice.)  Staying in the realm of the fantastic, the major thing will happen on … Continue reading All Lit (Fest) Up

Busted Bicuspids and Boston Bank Robbers

Since the last episode of As The Broken Bicuspid Turns, I had a temporary filling put in to await my September 14th surgery.  It's a simple plan, really, to wait to get the tooth out then put in the implant.  As fast as someone can say 'Bob's Your Uncle' I get a new tooth screwed … Continue reading Busted Bicuspids and Boston Bank Robbers