Music Monday: It’s The End Of The World by R.E.M.

It's day 2 of National Novel Writing Month, and hopefully my draft goes on schedule.  Last year I wrote a contemporary teen novel, at first, and then the last 15 chapters I aged the character.  I had a comtempoary novel idea again, but it missed something. I took a look at an idea set within … Continue reading Music Monday: It’s The End Of The World by R.E.M.

NaNoWriMo Prep 2015: The Year I Have Fun

During last year's NaNoWriMo, I had a situation authors only talk about in interviews. I don't know if it will make the final draft if the final draft ever happens, but during one scene in the novel I started to cry. Something happened to one of the characters, an incident not far from reality. My … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Prep 2015: The Year I Have Fun

After the Election, The NaNoWriMo Prep

Heard a big sigh of relief from over the border? That's me. I went to bed around midnight, my evening spent with Peter Mansbridge asking questions, showing results, and subtly amazed people flocked to vote the Harper government out. Meanwhile, Twitter discovered Canada not only found its mind, although some Conservative stalwarts will find that … Continue reading After the Election, The NaNoWriMo Prep

Loki’s Guide To Norse Mythology: Winnipeg

Another good one for NaNoWriMo Prep. Chadwick talks about setting, especially in a city one may already live in. I admit setting is a week point, and thinking about where your characters live makes your story breathe for the reader.

Chadwick Ginther


One great city (to write about).

It was Winnipeg’s slogan, “Heart of the Continent”, that made me want to use the city as the centre of a return to a world of magic.

When I started writing Thunder Road it was going to be set in Winnipeg (and Manitoba) largely because I live here, so it cut down on my costs for a book I had no idea if someone would want to publish, but that I desperately wanted to write.

But I do love my home, and I think it makes an interesting setting. While it may not quite have the concentration of Icelandic or viking stuff that the town of Gimli does, it’s still here. Laxdal road, and Valhalla apartments (Edmonton has them too, more on that later) among them.

When your book deals with the goddess of the dead coming to town, it’s natural to think of…

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October Means NaNoWriMo Prep Time

It's October! Already!? It means in just a month I will scribble my heart out. But Fatima, goes the peanut gallery, you can write anytime. Why wait until November?  I don't wait until November. I write all the time, and people see one aspect on this blog. The other times I write in notebooks, and wrote a short … Continue reading October Means NaNoWriMo Prep Time

In the Outer Reaches of Revision Land

This image best describes revising my NaNoWriMo piece: It's an arctic tundra of bad sentences, plot holes, and every kitchen-sink scene to fill a (possible) young adult novel. (Time will tell if it remains one.) It looks overwhelming at first, but I have this insane belief a story dwells in the mess. I have … Continue reading In the Outer Reaches of Revision Land

Year End Reflection 2014: Writing

“So what did you think of my manuscript?” “It was good.” Jenn smiled at as she took a sip of her coffee. And then, after a pause: “Have you ever heard the term ‘updraft’?” I shook my head. “An updraft is a basically a rough first draft, in which the author is just getting ideas … Continue reading Year End Reflection 2014: Writing

You Win By Starting: A National Novel Writing Month Wrap Up

Last year, blogger Nimue Brown wrote the following about National Novel Writing Month: If you need NaNoWriMo to give you permission to try and write a book, please ask why that is so. If this is something you want to do, then do it because you want to do it. If you need the driving … Continue reading You Win By Starting: A National Novel Writing Month Wrap Up

Sage Advice During NaNoWriMo: Ursula K. Le Guin and Her National Book Awards Speech

I read pieces of this speech in Twitter feeds. From my laptop as I write word after word, this makes me go back and write more words. Hear it and be inspired:

Coming Up for Air, or The NaNoWriMo Half-Way Point

Current Count: 29,228 It usually starts with a germ. I try to take the germ as far as it can go. In this case, I took a bit of last year's germ noticing it's getting me a lot further than before. I just go with the story, letting the character tell it to me. It … Continue reading Coming Up for Air, or The NaNoWriMo Half-Way Point