Just Do It

I keep coming back time after time, usually to a writer’s block looking a large cube of ice.  Since my last post, I enrolled myself into a creative writing class.  My goal is not to get published and make lots of money.  My goal has turned into simply moving forward beyond the fear.

Someone once said, I don’t remember who, if someone gets mad about what you wrote then something has gone right.  However, we all want to be in Willy Loman terms ‘well liked’.  If I remember correctly it didn’t get Willy anywhere either in Death of a Salesman.  I decided for the last week of October to simply do a blog entry a day.  The title is Life, Libraries and Everything in Between and I better make good on the title.

Right now I just had breakfast and watched Strike Force on Project Free TV.  No, it’s not the latest season with the two new leads, but the first season with the one lead and a host of other semi-known UK actors.  The first season stars Richard Armitage as John Porter, but we also have Shelly Conn and Andrew Lincoln, before they all moved onto other things.  Mr. Armitage, as people already, know is filming The Hobbit.  Shelly Conn stars in Terra Nova, while Andrew Lincoln plays a sheriff-turned-zombie-fighter in The Wallking Dead.  

I saw the revamped series with the two new guys and noticed a wee bit of a difference between this one and the previous series.  In many interviews, Richard Armitage mentioned he felt a little leery taking the role if it was another ‘boys and guns’ show.  I did see some plot and character in between people and things going BOOM! Now we had a major cast turn over and the show is now on Cinemax, or HBO Canada.  The show decided to start from square one and definitely aware of its American audience.  Now it’s the boys-and-guns show with a little bit of t & a thrown in for good measure.  Plus our English hero is now a proper bloke with a family to go with the reckless, ex-special forces  guy from the States.  (Yeah, no stereotyping in those two characters alright.) Come to think of it, the wee bit of a difference looks pretty big to me.

Now I am not a network exec and I acknowledge my bias for Richard Armitage.  (I don’t belong to the Armitage Army, or any of those groups.  I guess that makes me a lone gun woman of sorts.  I just prefer my fan-girl devotion to remain semi-private.) If I took a cold-hard, objective look at the whole thing I would wind down the the series then play season one as kind of a prequel series the same way as Spartacus: God of the Arena filled in between seasons.  (Sadly due to the illness of its star Andy Whitfield.  Even more sad we will never get to see what else he can do outside that character.)  Now, when would I do my little prequel?  Again if I were an exec, and I acknowledge I am not, I would do it sometime in 2012 around the time The Hobbit gets released.  We have two faces people already met and thanks to Peter Jackson we  will have a third.  No need to film, just plop it into the schedule then off it goes until the new season.  It’s a way to tell North American audiences Look!  The Brits can do a little more than period dramas.

It’s silly I know.  I just wanted a little silliness to go with breakfast.  Now, if you would excuse me, I have a home to clean.  

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