Midweek Geekiness: Through the Looking-Back Glass

Like many blog writers, I looked over my posts over this almost-completed year.  Technically, this blog has gone on for over a year.  I had reflective posts, fumbling posts, and Book Talk posts.  Midweek Geekiness came after getting stumped for ideas.  Using the adage ‘write what you know’, I read all things sundry and nerdy.  I also knew my nerdy info-gathering discounts anything repetitive, false, or just plain dumb.  Who knows may be I fall into one of those categories for someone else.  Once I wrote my first ‘Midweek Geekiness’ post, a routine emerged to take a life of its own.

Keep in mind my goal was not to emerge as some geek girl pundit.  Let’s start by saying at age 42, I am long past the ‘girl’ stage.  As for punditry I link to a variety of places with much better access to information, actors, and experience.  Speaking of actors, while Sean Bean, David Morrissey, and Tom Hiddleston made appearances, bias favours two distinct men.  My approach to blouses and shoes also applies to actors.  People favour blondes, others brunettes while I just go for one of each.  They are also around my age as both are 41.

Well, have a look at the top ten list and tell me if you see a pattern emerging.  😉  Otherwise I raise my imaginary, expensive champagne glass to more posts, more nerdy goodness, and more writing next year.

Top Ten Most Viewed Midweek Geekiness Posts

  1. Midweek Geekiness: Bits & Bobs
  2. Midweek Geekiness:  Pick Your Favourite Brit and a Nerdy Observation
  3. Walking Dead finds its Guvnor…er…Governor
  4. Midweek Geekiness:  The Zombiefied Edition
  5. Midweek Geekiness:  The Post Holiday Edition
  6. Midweek Geekiness:  An Unusual Bourne Legacy Review
  7. Winter is Coming Is Not Just a Stark Family Motto
  8. Midweek Geekiness: A Hollow Crown, A Secret Agent, and Even More Avengers Geekiness
  9. Midweek Geekiness:  Some Expected Hype for An Unexpected Journey
  10. Midweek Geekiness:  Odds and Ends on a Sore Back

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