A Blog-Inspired Gift

My friend V told me the story about the strange looks given to her as she outlined her gift to me.  This came before I unwrapped the tissue paper, my first thought was alright.  My friends know me well, some of them too well, and V was no exception to either rule.

“I told them you would get it,” V said.

I began unwrapping the first item from its tissue.   I got it alright.  Enough to laugh my ass off.  What began as an innocent blog post, turned into my Christmas present:

Thorin and Loki Action Figures

I got it alright.  The boys are still in their packages, waiting for their assigned spots.  I plan for Loki to sit on my non-fiction book shelf, while Thorin gets the fiction section.  (I have two book cases on either side of my dining room cabinet.)

It’s a lazy, Sunday afternoon as I do laundry and finally clean this place.  People don’t believe me if I say it’s a mess.  I came from a very, very clean home.  I have a mom who cleans her home with almost military precision.  I don’t mean that as a slight, but a sincere compliment after being in places not so clean.  I come home from work, set up dinner, look around, then re-arrange my piles of clothes and paper.  It does get messy, just not enough for an episode of hoarders.

I can almost see the bottom of my dining room table,

Almost Seen Dining Room Table

I have a half-made bed going,Semi-Made Bed

and some general chaos.


I better go tackle some dust balls. The only thing preventing me from writing my Hobbit review is this chaotic place.  I tell myself this is a place a writer lives.  Whenever I feel bogged down by all the household stuff, this gets me going.  That and my underwear drawer has migrated to my laundry basket.

One thought on “A Blog-Inspired Gift

  1. Funny! I know so many other writers and creative people whose homes look very similar – including mine! There’s so much more creative stuff we could be doing besides laundry and dishes, right? lol


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