Putting Goals into Play

I set up my ‘Goals for 2013’ page as a way to set some ideas down.  The next step is make them happen.  Over monthly brunch on Sunday, E remarked how she’s tired of scarves, boots, and jackets.  She articulated what I felt lately.  My friend R smartly replied we just have to hang on for 6 more weeks.  That’s right, 6 more weeks until things start to melt and warm up.  Seriously, why hang our hopes on a rodent to tell us that?

After doing some laundry this long-weekend Monday, I pulled out my credit card to sign up for two events.  After some thought a half-marathon is out of the question for now.  From time to time my body felt like it has pianos strapped to its ass.  To get to where I want, I need to get into better shape.  Many people want to run a half marathon, even a full one, in a short amount of time.  It doesn’t just take speed.  In fact a little patience goes a long way.

It’s 5 and 10Ks for the time being.  I have one particular time goal. Crossing my fingers, with smart training, it’s this:

An hour or under 10 K

I have run 10 Ks in 1:20, my best time was 1:17.  I want an hour or under.  To get it means interval training, better eating, and the possibility something will go ‘boink’ beyond my control.  By ‘boink’ I mean ‘weather’ not ‘snapped Achilles tendon.’  (I knew someone who had that….yeah I shuddered as well.)  Most of all it’s the mental aspect of running I need to work on.  I need to get out of my own head.

A few times in the course of a road race, usually in the mid-range section, my mind stays locked in my head and not checking out my body.  It’s knowing to slow down and conserve energy for the final stretch, or feeling like molasses.  Leading the clinic got me out of my head.  I had to keep up with my group, keep an eye out, and keep aware.  I look down at my Garmin less to see how long until the next walk break.

Speaking of my clinic, I declined the next one.  I have done the Running Room training before on my own, but now I plan to double it.  It means taking week one repeats, for instance, and doing it twice rather than go into week two.  Run club provides an opportunity to perhaps run with someone else, but a few times in the past I have ventured on my own.  I needed to ‘meet’ somewhere, the energy of the crowd getting me out the door.

Sadly, neither Jeremy Renner nor Richard Armitage have a movie coming out this summer.  I need a cinematic reward.  I used to rely on Gerard Butler, but his offerings have been…shall we say…less than desirable. (More Dear Frankie less Rom Coms!!!!)  I haven’t had a Nathan Fillion reward since Slither.  Movie rewards, or clothes, prove better than food.  It’s just a little prize to go with, or in place of a finisher’s medal.

One thought on “Putting Goals into Play

  1. Too bad there isn’t anything really good coming to theatres anytime soon to help reward you! Mind you, if you’re into Star Trek, I saw the trailer for the new movie that looks pretty awesome, not that I’m a fan of the new Kirk, but the special effects alone might be worth a look. Good luck with your goals. 🙂


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