The DNS Weekend

A few months ago I signed up for two running events.  At the time training had gone well until the events of May 9th.  I had to miss both events due to my back.  In running 'DNS' means 'Did Not Start'.  While I feel better enough to begin simple housework, I don't feel better enough … Continue reading The DNS Weekend

Putting Goals into Play

I set up my 'Goals for 2013' page as a way to set some ideas down.  The next step is make them happen.  Over monthly brunch on Sunday, E remarked how she's tired of scarves, boots, and jackets.  She articulated what I felt lately.  My friend R smartly replied we just have to hang on … Continue reading Putting Goals into Play

The Journey of the Unlikely Clinic Instructor Continues

Last week I returned from my running clinic with a bounce in my step.  I put my key into the door and had an epiphany: My sense of fun started to come back. I met a lot of people fixated on speed.  One got on my case for running the same pace all the time.  … Continue reading The Journey of the Unlikely Clinic Instructor Continues

Sweating to the Tune of Om

Hot yoga. To some it's a trend practised by puffed-up hipsters.  To others, like me, it's a return to yoga with a twist.  Way back in the day, alright the early 2000's, I made a beeline to a yoga studio close to my work place.  It did mostly Hatha yoga, the perfect kind of yoga … Continue reading Sweating to the Tune of Om

The Courage to Start (Again)

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham Yesterday  was my graduation run.  After ten weeks starting what feels like an eternity ago, the For Women Only Clinic at The Running Room embarked on their last run together.  (At least those who can make it … Continue reading The Courage to Start (Again)