A Post In Which Our Heroine Gets Stuck And Resorts To Fangirlish Things To Get…Well Unstuck

Seriously how old am I?

Obviously old enough to post this:


Like the subject line says I am stuck. I should rephrase that…I am stuck AGAIN!  Why?  I overthink things that’s why.  I also broke a primary commandment in blogging…thou shalt write for thyself and see if others like it. For now I content myself with correlations between British actors and black hair dye.  Actually let’s add one more.

You take a Brit:


and dye him black:


There might be something to this theory.

16 thoughts on “A Post In Which Our Heroine Gets Stuck And Resorts To Fangirlish Things To Get…Well Unstuck

  1. LOL LOL LOL. I definitely believe you’re onto something here. Although I’d add that growing a beard doesn’t hurt either, as in the case of Tom Mison playing Ichabod Crane in the TV series “Sleepy Hollow”. 😉


  2. LOL. I tried to reblog this last night and couldn’t find a reblog button for some reason. So clever. So what does it say about our tastes?


  3. Not a bad thing for Going Black! Drama! Lots of Drama! I’m in favour of black/dark hair. Despite being an envious brownette, who wanted to be RED! (or second choice – REAL brunette!
    A wee bit difficult to be certain of Armitage’s original colouring. Possibly not dark Evidence for this. Possibly fair/brown earlier, with reddish lights, If it gets people out of a so-called “rut” to play with it – good stuff! Ilove it – and endorse dark-haired men/actors!


    1. Ha! Funny timing. Not five days ago my best friend and I had a conversation that went (more or less) like this:

      Tom Hiddleston?
      Not hot…
      Fucking so hot!!!!

      (Sorry for swearing but that’s what happens when you dye a Brit actor black).


      1. Ever watch Wallender? Hiddleston once described his hair as Gene-Wilder curly. I saw what he meant by that.

        First time I saw Armitage was in Robin Hood as Sir Guy of Gisbourne. I only remember trying to find my jaw lost somewhere on the floor.


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