Manitoba Libraries Conference 2014: In Pursuit of Unlimited Potential


When not fangirling over something, or someone, I usually read and deepen my knowledge as a library technician.  This year the Manitoba Libraries Conference unveiled its theme of ‘Unlimited Potential’.  I actually like that theme.  After hearing all about libraries either dead, or dying, it’s time to see what new ways to bring services to users.

After having a look, or five, at the program a few things jump out:

1. Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11) and Fair Dealing: How Does It Affect libraries?

The last time I attended a copyright session, things were in limbo.  Now with a court ruling and a new law, I can put the pieces together.  Something tells me I will not be the only one.

2.  Flash Reference: a new way of teaching the same old stuff

I don’t know what it is.  I think I know what it is.  If I can find ways to reach students and help them find information, then save me a seat.

3. The Archives of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools

After amassing a mountain of testimony and records, the archive will makes its home at the University of Manitoba.  For information about the Truth and Recompilation Commission go here.

Now comes the hard part, juggling staff to still run a library yet attend sessions.  I feel lucky.  Most of the library techs I know run school libraries on their own.  If they have the support of administration, people can attend either one or both days.  Librarians are a given, but library techs need to attend.  Another session of interest centers on what to do with a Library Technician diploma.  The choices post-graduation are usually public, academic, or school.  I know there’s more out there.  In some settings skills and job descriptions usually defy the usual scope of the job.  I am just happy this session exists for those feeling they can do, and will, do more.

While I can write about wanting to attend x,y, or z sessions it remains to be seen what will happen come May. In between the geeking out I will keep my library-inclined readers posted.

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