Midweek Geekiness: Just Twittering Around

Before Stacks and Ranges the blog, I created @stacksandranges the Twitter handle.  The reason is quite simple and involves a guy.  In this case it involves Nathan Fillion and some grand scheme to have him fall in love with my brain, then live happily ever after.  My following, and followers, reflect my eclectic tastes.  I have writers, librarians, libraries, library technicians, local media outlets, and a smattering of actors.  What kicked Twitter into high gear, behind sanctioned stalking, was one librarian at my first job letting me sit in on the benefits of Twitter in medical libraries.  Now the feed mostly keeps me up to date on the news, and publicize this blog.  On some occasions Cas Courselles (@cascourselles), a fellow compatriot in my writer’s group, would retweet a post with some nifty hashtags.  (I am still learning.)

I can write my heart out here, but keeping my thoughts to 140 characters proves not so easy.  While this blog has quieted down, I went on Twitter to tweet or retweet.  It proved an interesting experience.


Once again frustrated with the weather, I said this:

It lead to this:


It’s nice to know somebody in Westeros feels my pain, and has great Wi-Fi reception.  By the way both Twitter accounts are part of HBO official accounts for the show.  The lesson here is to hashtag, hashtag, and hashtag.  I feel pleased to say after what felt like and endless winter may actually have an end in sight.  (Until the next unexpected snow fall.)

Seriously, How Old Am I? (The Sequel)

Among the many feeds I follow, I stick with Middle Earth News (@MiddleEarthNews) for their Tolkien Trivia in addition to their Hobbit updates.  Every Tuesday is trivia Tuesday, and while I admit to not being a thorough Tolkien geek, I do pick up things here and there. For instance Smaug was not originally named ‘Smaug’.  Tolkien originally called him Pryftan in earlier drafts.  I don’t know this, but this geek does:


I truthfully gave my answer:

I felt like I copied a test answer off the cute, nerdy boy I sit next to in English class.  Middle Earth News tweeted the handles with correct answers, including mine.  Well, I did supply the right answer and even had the right spelling the first time.  (I am very pleased to say I didn’t Google the spelling for ‘Pryftan’)  As for the rest of my adventures in Twitter, it’s still in progress with no promises of book, or even a sitcom, deal.  I think my hashtags have improved with practice:

As I learn the ways of Twitter, I next tackle the next thing in my quest to understand Web 2.0. Twitter is a wide open plain, Tumblr has more twists and turns than a high fantasy series.

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