Music Monday: Life’s What You Make It by Graham Colton

Take in all the sunshine bottle up the rain
Go where the winds blows
Let it show the way
Open up the window
Let in all the light
You can pull the stars down paint the perfect sky
So go and write your song
The world will sing along

Easter has come and gone; spring pokes through like green grass on the ground and students in post-secondary schools will begin their countdown to the end of the year. I have the day off today, a perk of my present job.

I woke up this morning to have breakfast with a friend. We talked about life and work, and how sometimes the two begin to merge until someone decides to untangle the two threads. This blog initially began as a library blog; then I took a creative writing intro class, now I launch myself in a new direction.

Ever meet someone old before their time? Life now looks an endurance test at the end for a variety of reasons. It’s a bad break up or a run of bad luck. It’s enduring unjust treatment by individuals or whole systems. Sometimes a bad day requires only looking up at the blue sky poking through between buildings. Life does not go smoothly, but neither does it feel like living under a thumb all the time.

By the way, I found this track by accident using Spotify’s Discover feature. I still don’t know what it does, but I discovered a new artist with a kick-ass song.


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