Music Monday: All The Right Moves by Jennifer Warnes & Chris Thompson

While out with the stomach flu, I binged on Stranger Things on Netflix. I already heard raves about the 80’s set series with its attention to detail and homage to the films contributing to the plot and characters of the series. To my nephew’s generation, it’s a historical series. To me, it’s a trip down memory lane.

I saw Trapper Keepers, puffy stickers, stirrup pants, big glasses, and puffy blouses. Basically, I was Barb except her eye shadow looked more on point than mine. Oh, and I am Portuguese, unlike Barb. Also, add I never found myself in *spoiler alert* the Upside Down. Fringes of the social hierarchy? Oh, yes, definitely like Barb.

The movie playing at the movie was Tom Cruise’s follow up to Risky Business, All the Right Moves. The movie had that underdog-goes-against-the-grain feeling many movies had at the time. (The ultimate underdog film, Footloose, would come out a year later.) The film boasted a theme song, with the kind of tune so memorable, I heard it in my head just seeing the marquee on one of the episodes.

Say what you want about 80’s pop, for someone dealing with overt and covert bullying in junior and senior high, it’s a life preserver with melody. 80’s songs had this optimism; the sense things will turn out alright. On occasion, I need to hear it and get through the low points in life.


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