Love, Love, Love, and New York 2.0

I wrote about writing advice, but some eagle-eyed readers may have caught something in the photograph:

Cicle Picture

As an information professional, I know interlibrary loans are your friends or help keep pace with the bloke-who-doesn’t-know-I-exist, otherwise known as Richard Armitage. Forget the lithe build, blue eyes, boyish smile, and thighs I try not to think about it. Nothing makes my heart flutter more than this:

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Homework!!…love my job

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Let me illustrate my point further:

Heart Eyes

I always said the stage is the English actor’s natural habitat and last time proved too costly, and far, to see him practice his craft live. Chance number two will happen this fall, and it’s closer but still expensive to go. Richard Armitage would be the cherry on my New York trip rather than the whole sundae. My co-worker joked during my last trip to not stalk him. It will not happen because:

  1. Ewww! Why would I do something like that!?
  2. I have a tight schedule of museums and sites to see and clocking 26,000 steps takes a lot of energy and stalking is a waste of time and energy.
  3. Dude, that is still creepy and impolite. That’s not how we roll in Canada.
  4. I am guest on vacation; he’s living his life.
  5. Ewww!!!!

Unofficially on that list, the time off needed to take even a quick trip to New York. I work with a small group of people, and the fall academic term is still the fall academic term. It’s busy, and I did mention it takes money. I curate my funds carefully, and New York 2.0 will receive more funding than my February adventure.

Sorry, Richard, can’t see you. (Why am I saying that? It’s not like he cares.) New York 2.0 already has flight and hotel booked for next year. That’s right, I am going back. This time, I will have fewer layers and a day trip to Brooklyn on the docket. The flight will take me through a US city rather than a Canadian airport. Here’s hoping it’s not another diversion or turbulence due to severe thunderstorms. An itty-bitty part of me hopes he goes back and does another play. I had a great time at A View From The Bridge and wouldn’t mind seeing that caliber of theatre again. I will keep an eye on what’s coming up around the net.

I do plan on one pilgrimage to the New York Public Library. The famous reading room had to shut down to allow for a freshening up of the place. I passed on going in although I did snap a picture of its famous lions:


Speaking of books, I want The Strand bookstore and its 18 miles of books. I vibrate with excitement thinking about it. They also host events, and spring usually means new releases. I knew a larger version of my carry on was a good idea.

As much as I would love to go, go, go to Love, Love, Love New York grabbed a much bigger piece of my heart than once thought. Sorry, Richard, if you’re reading this between the bazillion things on you docket.

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