Waiting for Richard and Asking Superchannel A Question

Warning: Fangirling ahead.

Wise person once said, “Good things come to those who wait.” I amend that to also read ‘and those who ask nicely.’ I have waited for two Richard Armitage projects, the film Pilgrimage and season 2 of Berlin Station. No word on the former but I hit pay dirt on the latter.

I already went through Castlevania three times. THREE FREAKING TIMES. For starters, it’s a good series, and I like vampires and animation. Add the wonderful snark of Trevor Belmont, the kind I didn’t know the actor had in him to that extent, and it makes me smile thinking about it. Waiting for the next thing, however, feels like the equivalent of waiting for a phone from that guy you like, to plan that next date. In this case, the guy in question works as a jobbing actor, and hard work has to meet opportunity and the machinations of studios/networks.

Deducing the person behind the Superchannel Twitter responds well to inquiries and the channel has broadcast season one, I wanted to know if Canadians will get season two on October 15th like US residents. We’re used to two things:

  1. Waiting for things to come out.
  2. Things coming out soon after their broadcast in the US or UK.

Is there any wonder why we like to pirate as much as anyone on board the Jolly Roger? (By ‘we’ I mean some of us but Canucks nonetheless.) After coming through Superchannel’s Twitter, I discovered they will run season 1 of Epix’s other series ‘Graves,’ the other show unveiled by the new network last year. The channel will also run a new project, a television version of ‘Get Shorty.’ No word on Season 2, just something about running season 1 for binging.

Well, time to ask:

When in doubt, use an appropriate GIF. I figured Emma Thompson suited the job.

It does feel like a hobby, but I also appreciated the response and this GIF has turned into an equivalent Thank You card.

And then…

I got the reply in the middle of my lunch. I let out a small squeak and danced in my chair, I also took a deep breath and answered as close to an adult response one can muster:

This entire exchange was a Hail Mary pass, the football play where the quarterback throws the ball in hopes someone will catch it to either advance the team, or score a touchdown. Most of the time I hear nothing online and therefore expect nothing if I reply to a tweet. My timeline already looks like a steady snowfall, but I bet Richard Armitage’s resembles a perpetual blizzard.

For the record, yes, I have replied to the odd tweet he writes. I miss the ones about politics or show his personality. However, he got singed and now he’s turned gun shy. I can’t blame him. Sometimes, I want to close up shop until I remind myself my life online represents a sliver of my life overall. I bet that’s the lesson he goes by too, although it’s a view that’s both a guess and based on my own perception. In the grand scheme of things, I get a weekly dose of a new project from the guy.

October 23rd doesn’t look too far away.

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