Music Monday: Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

I tried to figure out a combination of an audio introduction and something written for the last song in this loose trilogy. Sometimes things work as a nebulous concept and stubbornly refuse to apply to reality, much like love. It began with Dreams Come True two weeks ago, but the whole thing rested on today’s track.  I really wanted to write about love or try a podcast on it.

I find myself inching closer to 50 without a partner and the chances of ever getting married getting dimmer by the day. It’s not a self-pitying statement just a factual one. I have tried to make a dating profile to make that good impression, but in the end, I would rather channel my energy into living the rest of my life. I don’t know if I have the ‘stuff’ to be a wife or girlfriend. Some women can transition from one partnership to another, but I never had that skill. However, if a song can take the place of a dating profile, this one does just fine.

On an unrelated note, no more audio introductions to Music Mondays. Nice experiment but if something doesn’t work, or feel right, better to stick with what works. Lately, my mind has felt like molasses, and I had to remind myself this blog always acted as a sandbox for my writing, and to not put pressure on myself to produce perfection. I spent way too much time doing both and live, as I have been finding, shortens by the day. If I find someone to share it with, great. Otherwise, treasure what I have rather than chase a yardstick set by a dating site algorithm.


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