Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

After seeing the top songs and artists I listened to in 2021, let’s see who might make next year’s list.

A recap

When I like a track, it gets played on a loop. The more loops it gets played, the more it ends up on my ‘Repeat’ playlist, before the shock I played a song 65 times. Remember when I mentioned Tik Tok can suck chunks of time if I am not careful? The app has turned into an introduction to a lot of young artists and a rediscovered song.

One thought on “Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

  1. I’m very happy to see both ABBA and Kate Bush on your list. Taylor was a dynamo last year releasing two albums which made her enviably industrious to me! What do you think of Voyage? And second question do you think Taylor re-recording her previous albums is a good idea ?

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