Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

Better Days (Dermot Kennedy)
‘Better Days’ is not the first Dermot Kennedy track in my Spotify library. Released in July of this year, it fast became my top 10 repeated track. Sometimes I need a lift and the chorus has picked me up on days I felt down.

I know you’ve been hurtin’
Waitin’ on a train that just won’t come
The rain, it ain’t permanent
And soon, we’ll be dancin’ in the sun
We’ll be dancin’ in the sun
And we’ll sing your song together (eh-eh, eh-eh)
And we’ll sing your song together (eh-eh, eh-eh)

Another singer-songwriter, who hails from Ireland, started off as a busker and has one album to his credit while releasing singles like ‘Better Days.’ When I looked up his bio, I noticed his worldwide distributor was Island Records. For some of us older folk, it’s the same label taking a chance with four lads from Dublin-U2. (Insert luck of the Irish joke here, but their ‘luck’ is hard work.)

From Now On (Hugh Jack from The Greatest Showman)
How about an older song getting played on TikTok? Many people recreate the choreography accompanying ‘From Now On’ from The Greatest Showman. I admit I forget Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men films, can sing with a capital S. He’s returning to the Broadway stage in a revival of ‘The Music Man’ because why not, I mean, he can belt the tunes. (Fun Fact: He once said in an interview his brother told him told guys don’t dance. Sir, may I introduce you to someone about your height, your colouring, and easily mistaken for you? He did this little production in the West End called ‘Cats.’ You can prove your brother wrong if you want to add another example.)

In my Spotify ‘On Repeat’ playlist, this song reigns in the number one spot. I find it useful for household stuff like doing the dishes.

One thought on “Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

  1. I’m very happy to see both ABBA and Kate Bush on your list. Taylor was a dynamo last year releasing two albums which made her enviably industrious to me! What do you think of Voyage? And second question do you think Taylor re-recording her previous albums is a good idea ?

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