Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

I am woman (Emmy Meli)
The caption on Emmy Meli’s TikTok reads I write the best shit when I ain’t trying. Talk about a song coming together in 45 seconds. The track has found its way to a lot of women’s accounts as they show various sides to their personalities. The bass captured my attention and the whole song had this old-school feeling to it. Meli’s vocals soar through the track and now a full version has emerged on Spotify. A contender for my 2022 Spotify Wrapped.


“I AM WOMAN” I write the best sh!t when I ain’t trying hahaha #fyp #singer #iamwoman #original #myfinALLYmoment

♬ I AM WOMAN – ❦ emmy meli ❦

From Nashville comes another young singer-songwriter with a track to rival Alanis Morrisettes’ ‘You Outta Know.’ More than a break-up anthem, I blasted this track in my headphones on frustrating days, mouthing the chorus with enthusiasm. TikTok, for all its flaws, is giving young artists a chance much like the early days of YouTube incubated talent. (It’s how we got Bieber.) A version does get radio play and one video captured her joy as she heard the DJ introduce the song and play the (no doubt) radio-friendly version. Good for her and good for a lot of young talent.

One thought on “Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped Part 2

  1. I’m very happy to see both ABBA and Kate Bush on your list. Taylor was a dynamo last year releasing two albums which made her enviably industrious to me! What do you think of Voyage? And second question do you think Taylor re-recording her previous albums is a good idea ?

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