To Light My Way Through The Darkness

Last year I purchased this item, a Phillips brand alarm clock that uses light and bird sound to wake me up: The light simulates a sunrise, an important thing at 5:30 am in a dark room, in mid-November.  Compared to last year, the need to hit snooze has declined, and having my coffeemaker perk at … Continue reading To Light My Way Through The Darkness

A Long, Short, Weird, Week

Short weeks after long weekends always feel weird and out of step. This week had a short week, plus the remainder of a moon cycle, and topped by Friday the thirteenth. At the college, it's the last week before midterms, with the first significant assignments handed in. The students feel stressed and go a little … Continue reading A Long, Short, Weird, Week

Scibbling Away

NOTE: Woke already happened. I forgot to post this earlier. While things look quiet on the blog front, behind the scenes, I furiously scribble away in my journal from my daily grind to ideas for stories, to premises for jokes. Right now it's jokes for tonight's Woke Comedy Hour at X-Cues. It means I have … Continue reading Scibbling Away

Manitoba Night On Terry Fox Day

The first weekend of August gets called many things, depending on where you live. In Toronto, they call it Simcoe Day after John Graves Simcoe, the first Governor of what was then known as Upper Canada. Thanks to AMC's Turn, people might wonder why a city would celebrate a sociopath. (People read a history book! … Continue reading Manitoba Night On Terry Fox Day

A Vacation From My Vacation

Call it two parts vacation and one part unintended hiatus. My mom went in for surgery, nothing serious, on May 9th. I took some time off to take her to the hospital, stay with my 91-year-old dad, do some more physical household tasks around their house, some grocery shopping, and attended the college's annual PD … Continue reading A Vacation From My Vacation

It’s so nice to hear your voice.

Great post from Winnipeg Public Library on audiobooks, with some notable narrators like Jim Dale for good measure. Also good for gym use if you’re tired of the boom-shaka-lacka of dance beats. (Alright, I get tired from time to time. Richard Armitage’s voice? NEVER!)

Readers' Salon

There was a time when I believed that audiobooks were cheating – that books were to be read, not listened to. Well, I found out that I was wrong. And what brought me to this conclusion was motherhood – plain and simple. Very early on in motherhood I found out that I had little (read: no, zero, zilch) time to sit and read a book when my motherhood phases went like this:

  • The “Nap when the baby naps” stage, followed by the…
  • “He’s standing on his own two feet – better watch!” stage, followed by the…
  • “We can’t catch up with him! He’s running so fast! Did he even walk?!?” stage (pant, pant), followed by the…
  • “We need to get him up, feed him, get him to school, go to work, get home, eat, get outside, get him ready for bed” stage, followed by the…you get my point.

So whether…

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News From Winnipeg Love Hate

I followed Bryan Scott's photoblog Winnipeg Love Hate for awhile. In addition to photographing Winnipeg, he started to take day trips around Manitoba. The first book covered Winnipeg in all its weird glory, with text written by CBC journalist Bartley Kives. This time Scott and Kives tour around Manitoba, giving a fuller picture of the … Continue reading News From Winnipeg Love Hate

Finding My Funny: The Only Way To Counter A Crazy World

"How are you feeling?" asked my classmate, a woman who already had two open mics under her belt. "Like I am going to cry," I answered. No, actually, I felt my eyes wanted to vomit tears rather than just vomit, which is normal as stage fright goes, or so I thought. "That's normal," She replied, … Continue reading Finding My Funny: The Only Way To Counter A Crazy World

Finding My Funny: It’s Showtime!

Anyone remember Joss Whedon's movie Serenity? In particular, does anyone remember this exchange: Wash: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting Mal: Define 'Interesting.' Wash: Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die? Substitute 'landing' with a 'stand-up routine', timed at 4 minutes give or take, and you have how I feel at the moment. Jitters are … Continue reading Finding My Funny: It’s Showtime!