Midweek Geekiness: Walking Dead Wrap Up Edition

Too many thoughts wandering around in my head concerning The Walking Dead.  I decided to make like Otis and corral them into one place once and for all. By the way, this post contains spoilers ergo if you have not watched the season finale then don't read any further .  Ditto for those not even … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Walking Dead Wrap Up Edition

Midweek Geekiness

Monday's entry was originally intended for today.  However, as I tried to embed the Simpson's parody of Game of Thrones, the entry went live with no way to get it back.  (Trust me I tried.)  I changed it to 'Monday Geekiness' and-viola-the entry manged to save itself. So let's get on with some new tidbits … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness

Monday Geekiness

The Simpson's have done some pretty good couch gags over the 20 plus years on the air.  Recently, they turned their satirical eye on Game of Thrones by mashing Springfield with Westeros.  To say this video was difficult to find and share is an understatement.  Fox took down clips on websites and blogs with Digital … Continue reading Monday Geekiness

Walking Dead finds its Guvnor…er…Governor

I watched The Walking Dead since it started then read some early issues of the comic.  One well-known character from the series is only known as 'The Governor".  He's a sadistic leader, rules with an iron fist, and can make a survivor wish for an old-fashioned zombie sighting.  Ever since season one, people wondered who … Continue reading Walking Dead finds its Guvnor…er…Governor

Boys, Girls, and Walkers

Last night on The Walking Dead, Rick and Shane dukes it over who shall lead the group.  It reminded me of nature shows like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom or anything on The Discover Channel.  Basically two males of a given group, let's just call this a pack, fight it out for supremacy and for … Continue reading Boys, Girls, and Walkers

Blog Spotlight: Anglophenia

It's no secret I am a bit of an Anglophile.  I watched Doctor in the House and old-time Doctor Who as a kid.  (Luckily the naughty jokes in shows like Doctor in the House went way over my young head.)  My Netflix queue contains epic stories starring handsome men in cravats (usually with the initials … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Anglophenia

TV Talk: Downtown Abbey

The last time we left the Dowtown Abbey Thomas the footman did everyone a favour and resigned, the Crawley parents discovered the miscarried baby was a boy therefore lost an heir, Anna and Bates became the new Harry and Ruth of British television, Edith nearly sold out her sister Mary over her tryst with the … Continue reading TV Talk: Downtown Abbey

Zombies, Vampires, and Brits

There must be a secret commandment among American television producers specializing in geeky/SF/Supernatural shows.  It goes something like this:Thou shalt have a (cute or smouldering) Brit playing the (American) lead.It's advisable for a Brit to drop his voice an octave or two, maybe go with a southern accent.It is equally advisable for a Brit on … Continue reading Zombies, Vampires, and Brits

Colds, Timelords, and Spooks’ Last Hurrah

So much for writing an entry every dayI got the great-Canadian, common cold.  I manged to drag myself into work  the last couple of days, but fever and chills knocked me down with the one-two punch.  I even opened my windows to cool down a little bit.  I want to sleep, but I don't feel … Continue reading Colds, Timelords, and Spooks’ Last Hurrah

Just Do It

I keep coming back time after time, usually to a writer's block looking a large cube of ice.  Since my last post, I enrolled myself into a creative writing class.  My goal is not to get published and make lots of money.  My goal has turned into simply moving forward beyond the fear.Someone once said, … Continue reading Just Do It